The day you first swore the Oath of Office must have been thrilling one.  Perhaps so thrilling, the context of the Oath is lost in the excitement. I say this because from my stand point, I see many members of Congress breaking their oaths. In case you’ve forgotten, here is the Oath:

      I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

I realize some of you weren’t in Congress during the 2008 Presidential campaign. However, many of you were. And you tramped all over your oath when you did not insist on a proper vetting of  Barack Hussein Obama. If you had, you would have learned about his radical roots: reared and mentored by communists, a drug abuser, a follower of Saul Alinsky, friends with domestic terrorists, member of a racist church and a narcissist. He made no secret he does not respect the Constitution, American industry or American values. Not the American-as-apple-pie kind of guy. Why didn’t you warn the People? Why didn’t you address the issue of the media hiding the truth ? Where were your voices when the Left was lying to us?

When the People called and told you not to vote for the stimulus, you did it anyway.  We asked you not to raise the debt ceiling, it was raised.  We asked you not to pass Obamacare, Obama’s so-called Affordable Healthcare Act. You passed it without reading it. Even the rawest rube knows better than to sign something without reading it, but the supposedly greatest minds in the country signed it anyway. When Obama wrote executive order after order, you did not override them. For the last five years, few in Congress have had the backbone to stand up to Obama and those in his administration.  When he and his family went on vacation after vacation, why didn’t you speak up about the waste of our tax dollars? When he sent his daughters on separate vacations spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, you didn’t say anything. You failed us, time and again.

When Obama appointed a tax cheat to head the IRS, you approved him. When he appointed the founder of GLSEN as the Safe School Czar, you approved him. When he appointed the most inept governor in the states in terms of security as head of DHS, you approved her. In fact, Obama hasn’t had any real checks on his actions as President in the five years he’s held office. When the Tea Party came under attack, when the veterans came under attack, you were silent.  I recognize a few of you have stood up and objected. But just as often, we’ve seen bait-and-switch votes done, just like the one proposed on defunding Obamacare.

When taking oath as a member of Congress, your allegiance is to the entire United States. All fifty of them. You are not to propose bills which benefit only your state.  Or your income stream. Or protect your secrets. If you have secrets someone else has leverage. You should take a page out of the televangelist playbook. Confess first before you can be used. Americans love a reformed crook, rake or what-have-you. Then you have the freedom to vote for the benefit of We the People, not to appease some special interest.

Oh, yes, let’s not leave the political parties out of this. Too often we’ve seen voting along party lines without regard to the best interests of the country. Your first allegiance is to We the People, not the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or any other party.  Recently a member of Congress was filmed saying, “The only reason I’d approve going to war with Syria is to support Barack Obama.” We’ll give her kudos for loyalty, but many more  knocks for applying it incorrectly.

Now to the personal attacks on those who dare to speak up, criticize Obama’s policy or too many vacations or golf trips. Where is your outcry in defense of those whose only crime was to speak up? Until you stand up and unite against these attacks, no citizen is safe. The people are afraid.  It’s your job to take care of them.

Remember the anti-drug program of the eighties? You could learn from that program. Next time Obama proposes something  or someone detrimental to the country, “Just say no.”



I’m from Texas where we’ll tell you, you can’t get too big, not with hair, soda sizes or trucks. But there is one place we believe smaller is better – government. Texas is a state where individual liberty, responsibility and ingenuity is practiced. We don’t want the government messing in our business. Of course, not everyone believes this way, not even in Texas, which is truly sad.

Philosophies aside, I’d like to present a few practical reasons why it’s a mistake to place too much power and responsibility in the hands of the Federal government.

A few years ago, when the first stimulus bill was up for a vote, Congress was flooded with phone calls, emails and texts demanding they vote it down. The voice of the people was silenced when Congress ignored the wishes of the people and approved the bill. It was a slap in the face from elitists telling the regular folks, “Now, go out and play while the adults do their job.”

When Obamacare came up for vote, again the people phoned, emailed, texted and marched. I tried to do my part by calling representatives of other states. Unfortunately, it was a waste of time. I was informed the Senator/Representative only took calls from his constituents. In other words, I couldn’t keep him in office, so he had no time for me.

What this means is out of one hundred Senators, you have two you can plan on having any form of dialogue with. Out of 435 Representatives, you can dialogue with one. Let’s complete the math. Out of 535 people in Congress, only three are required to respond to you. Rather daunting isn’t it. Sounding more and more like taxation without representation. Now where have we heard those words before? Oh yes, the original Tea Party.

This in itself is enough for me to suggest we need to return anything not assigned by the Constitution to the Federal government back to the states. But there is more. In contrast to what they like to present, Congress, men and women, are frail humans, not godlike giants. They make mistakes and they make decisions for the wrong reasons. Sometimes they even mean well, but as the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved in good intentions.”

One of the biggest issues is without term limits, these men and women spend almost as much time running for re-election as doing their jobs. Because of this desire for continued employment in Congress, the temptation to pander to their constituents is almost irresistible. Remember my experience from calling other states. They want to keep their voters happy to grant themselves job security. Even when the rest of us have none.

Aside from the natural desire to look after their own benefits and their home state, there is the issue of ignorance. Anyone want to guess how many Congressmen have spent time in each state of the Union? By that, stayed long enough to understand the needs of each state. I can hear you now, “Come on, that’s simply too much to expect from anyone. It would take a lifetime.” And I would agree with you. That leaves us with a group of people from various states with various needs struggling to make laws which benefit their own states. Instead of doing national business, they try to do state business on a national level. It’s like having a committee designed to oversee a community event get dragged down into separate individual parties. It’s not efficient and makes for bad policy.

Now for my biggest argument. It’s in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers set up a limited Federal government on purpose. I know there are some in this administration, the President included, who don’t believe the Constitution is valid for today. It restrains them too much. Duh! That was the purpose, people, to prevent the Federal Government from micro managing our lives and to allow our country to succeed based on individual liberty and responsibility. Until we go back to the Constitution and recognize it as the law of the land, our country will continue to flounder.

Return the responsibilities not assigned in Section 8 of the Constitution to the states. It’s time for the national Congress to take care of national business and leave the rest to the states.


Many people have trouble coordinating their belief in Science with belief in the Bible. After all, Science dates the earth in billions of years while the Bible seems to date it in thousands. I hope you noticed I wrote seems to in that last sentence. I recently watched a movie which showed Science and the Bible weren’t in conflict at all.

As this scene in The Genesis Code explained, it’s all a matter of perspective. An example of perspective is, as riding in a vehicle, your surroundings appear to be moving, but if you are outside of the moving vehicle, the vehicle is in motion and your surroundings are motionless. Another example of perspective is if you look at a man standing near a full-grown tree, he is smaller. But if you stand the man in front of the tree at a distance and you are observing from a further distance, the tree and the man can appear to be the same height. Neither one actually changed size, only your perspective changed.

According to the movie, at the Big Bang, all matter needed to create life, including gravity and light, appeared with a flash compressed into a black hole the size of a mustard seed. This tiny black hole expanded at an enormous speed of billions of miles per second. If you have watched programs like Myth Busters where they show explosions in slow motion, you may have noticed at the initial explosion the debris is moving at a very fast speed, but as time passes, the debris movement slows. The same thing happened with the universe. As we get further away from the initial explosion, things slow down, including the passage of time.

At the beginning, time moved at 3 trillion cycles per second, based on the Cosmic clock, as measured by cosmic background radiation. Today, it has slowed to 3 cycles per second. In other words, our clocks today run a trillion times slower than the Cosmic clock at the time of the Big Bang. If you accept that Genesis is written from God’s frame of reference outside the Universe and at the time the passage of time was a trillion times faster than now, you can see how He would describe Creation occurring over a period of six days versus Science’s view it had to take sixteen billion years. They are the same time frame, but viewed from different perspectives.

Using this understanding, the six days of Creation can be directly related to the six periods of development over the sixteen billions of years as determined by science. To get the full benefit of this, I recommend you watch The Genesis Code. I enjoyed the whole movie, but if you are only interested in what I’ve presented in this blog, you can start at the 1:07 mark and watch from there.

After watching the film, I hope you will agree with Kerry, “Science has now caught up with the Bible.”

Finding this argument for the agreement between Science and the Bible, is critically important to me. My eldest grandson is like Mark in the movie. He loves Science and wants to become a physicist. He’s constantly presenting arguments to me concerning the validity of the Bible, especially Genesis and the story of Creation. He watched the segment I recommended here and he agreed with the argument. Yay!

However, the struggle isn’t over. He’s still trying to push evolution on me. But don’t worry, I’m sure God will provide an answer for that, too. After all, there isn’t anything in the Bible that Science can prove is false. 🙂


Have you heard the latest? The Tea Partyers are out there-rioting, burning and looting! Just like they promised they’d do if Romney lost. Oh… wait a minute… that was the other folks who voted for Obama who tweeted over and over again how they “was gonna riot.” I can’t write in this blog some of the other things they promised, or maybe I should say threatened.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of sore losers, but sore winners? Even though their candidate won the election, they are still attacking those of us on the right. What’s up with that? Last I heard we’re all Americans, at least most of us are. Why are they so angry? They got their chosen back in as president so he can keep giving them free stuff and make sure the rest of us have to pay for their birth control and abortions.

If they are so angry when they win, what’s going to happen when the money from “the rich” runs out? No more free stuff. No more government programs. Who will they blame then?

Since their dear leader has shown he’s very talented in shifting blame, I’m sure he’ll find some way to pass the blame on then, as well. The only question is, who will he blame? The Tea Party, military veterans, gun owners? Or will he blame you?

It’s time for the blaming and finger-pointing to stop. We need to pull together as a country and rebuild. I’m hoping President Obama will keep some of the promises he made this time around. Creating a better atmosphere for manufacturing and working across party lines to improve the economy are two I recall.

But while cooperation is necessary, it needs to be done without compromising principles. The end does not always justify the means, it just creates sticky messes which come back to haunt.

Through all of this chaos, I hold on to the fact God is in charge. He has a plan for this country and it’s citizens. His will shall prevail.


A few months ago, I stepped into a hole, up to the middle of my shin. So, here I am, three months later still having issues with my left foot. The doc says the instep is sprained and the boot wasn’t restraining it enough. I graduated to a cast, green in honor of a few of my characters in my book, The Frognappers. Don’t look for it in the bookstore, it hasn’t been published, yet. But enough of the book.

Wrapping my foot up to the top of my calf took a little time, so I asked the young woman,  “What do you think about this election.” I figured that was pretty non-confrontational and she must have agreed.

She responded that she hadn’t voted yet and wasn’t sure about either candidate. I immediately seized the opportunity, “Would you like some information?”

Receiving a positive response, I delved first into how America went from a tiny country of 13 states to a world leader in 200 years. Our economy has always been based on individual rights and responsibility. Not government control. This allowed the people to use their initiative to advance and make a greater country for their children. In contrast, the big government regulations and controls pushed on us by Obama stifles growth.

And speaking of rights, Obama is an enemy to the right to life. He voted four times as a Illinois state senator against the medical care act for living babies born by abortion. He believes these babies should be left to die. Obama also agrees with partial-birth abortion, where the baby is removed from its mother’s womb in pieces.

“What about Romney?” she asked.

Whatever you say about his choice of religion, Romney believes in faith and family.  He’s very much pro-life. Some on the Left say he’ll overturn Roe vs Wade and outlaw contraception. This is ludicrous. Roe vs Wade can only be changed by Congress and the Supreme Court upheld the basic right to contraception in the 1960’s. As president, Romney cannot change either of these.

He’s also one for doing more than his share of charitable work and donations. Romney gave his entire salary for straightening out the financial mess the Utah Olympics were in to charity. He’s pledged to do the same with his presidential salary. He has a enough money and doesn’t feel driven to accumulate  more.

“Not like Obama,” she said as she wrapped my leg in green fiberglass. She was getting it. 🙂

I smiled and said, “Exactly.”

Then I launched into the difference in their approaches to the economy. Obama believes in government control taking care of the people. Romney is a business man and has experience in turning failing companies into successful ones. He can use many of these techniques to help our economy. He also believes in putting things back into state control.

I  then told her my experience about trying to work with the Federal government. When the stimulus bill was up for vote, I, like many others, called around the country. It was a depressing experience. Those senators who were not in Texas (my home) refused to listen to me. In short, I was told since I couldn’t vote this person back into office, they didn’t have time for me.  That leaves me, and everyone else, with two senators out of one hundred and a few representatives out of 435 to communicate with.

All too often, these people are focused on making sure they are re-elected by working for their constituents, regardless of whether it’s good for the country. We will be much better off if more of the duties and powers taken by the Feds is returned to the states. Even in Texas we could drive to the Capital and knock on the door. And our voice will have a larger impact.

By this time,  she had finished wrapping my leg. After discussing care and maintenance, I finished up with, “Talk to your dad about what I told you. And do some research. Then, please vote tomorrow.” Not sure I hit a hole-in-one, but I felt good about taking this opportunity.

Now, I say to you, “Speak with informed people you trust, research the candidates, and make an informed decision tomorrow. If we don’t succeed tomorrow, we might not have another election to worry about.”

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We were all horrified when we heard of the four deaths in Benghazi. Immediately questions arose. “How could this happen? Who knew and when did they know of the attack? Who attacked the compound? Why were they attacked?”

The first answers we received claimed the “why” was focused on an obscure video which fewer than twenty people had viewed.  The “who” were reported to be a mob at a spontaneous demonstration over said obscure video that got out of hand. The upper levels of the administration all said they didn’t know anything about the attack until it was over. This was the story for several weeks as told by the President, the Secretary of State, the head of the CIA and the US Ambassador to the UN. They ignored the fact this “spontaneous mob” carried rocket-propelled-grenades or RPG’s. I know it’s dangerous over there, but do ordinarily law-abiding citizens usually carry an RPG?

Only, the facts which began to come out did not support the administration’s story. Apparently there are still people who aren’t willing to lap up the Kool Aid as served by the current administration. These people continued investigating the attack in Benghazi and learned these discrepancies to the official tale.

Know Facts:

  • Susan Lamb testified under oath before Congress she watched the attack in real-time.
  • CNN gained access to the compound and discovered Steven’s journal which included notes showing he’d requested additional security.
  • There were un-armed drones in the area streaming video back to Washington.
  • The so-called “security personnel” who died trying to save Ambassador Stevens included two former Navy SEALS who were not assigned as guards for the ambassador.
  • Military support was denied, several times.
  • The attack lasted for seven to nine hours.
  • Help could have arrived in two hours.
  • Requests for additional security were presented before and during the attack. Denied.
  • Ambassador Stevens was supposed to depend on local Libyan police for protection. One Libyan officer was seen photographing the compound the day of the attack.
  • FBI finally gain access to the compound and find copies of letters dated October 11, 2012 from Stevens requesting help.
  • Benghazi had become so dangerous, every other Western country had already pulled their assets out.
  • Tunisia is holding a man identified in a video during the attack.
  • After pressure from Senator Lindsay Graham, Tunisia has allowed FBI access to the prisoner.
  • Reports show there are at least ten Al Qaeda partner cells in and around Benghazi.
  • Four men died, but it could have been much worse. Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty rescued at least thirty others before they lost their own lives. Would the questions be answered a little faster if more people had died? Or would the cover-up have been deeper.


  • Benghazi is a Middle East Fast and Furious.
  • The compound was actually a staging station for delivering weapons and ammunitions to jihadists to go into Syria and fight against Assad.
  • The weapons and ammunitions stored at the compound are now missing, assumed to be in the hands of Al Qaeda and their partners.

Response from President Obama’s administration:

  • Nameless mob upset by obscure video criticizing Muhammad.
  • Blame the Republicans claiming they cut funds for security at Embassies.
  • President will give out information as it becomes available – no information shared to this date.
  • Low level personnel hold press conferences refusing to discuss Benghazi.
  • Try to re-ignite “Republican” War on Women.
  • Grab every distraction possible.
  • Ignore Benghazi while campaigning for second term.

Response from Mainstream Media

  • Very little, especially after administration’s first story was debunked.


This list is not conclusive. There are many reports out there. Do your research. Ask yourself, “Is this a time you’d feel comfortable serving your country overseas?”


How often have you heard people say, “How can God exist because bad things happen to good people?” As a Christian, I understand bad things happen in our lives because of sin. We make poor decisions. Sometimes it’s someone else’s poor decision which causes bad things to happen in our lives.

In 1980, a couple of weeks after my daughter started kindergarten, I received the dreaded early morning phone call. One of my brothers had been murdered in the pre-dawn hours. A stranger shot out the rear window of the car my brother and four  others  were riding in.  Several shots and all of them hit my brother. He was dead at the scene. A senseless murder which carved a hole in my family.

But even in the sorrow of loss, my family had reason to marvel at God’s planning. To help you understand, I have to tell you a little about my brother. He was the class clown, the joker. Everything, no matter how serious, was subject to joking. He wasn’t one to talk about religion or where he stood in his faith. Until the day he called me.

Someone had upset him by questioning his faith. He fussed a bit then declared, “I don’t need saving. I’m already saved and I know Jesus is my Savior.” Once he’d said that, he calmed down and the conversation soon wound down.

Can you see God’s plan at work yet? If someone hadn’t upset him, he would never had called to tell me he was saved. And I wouldn’t have had the words to soothe my parents’ fears for his soul.

Could God have stopped the murder? Yes. But you must understand the second greatest gift God gave us is free will.  As long as we practice free will, we will make mistakes and sin against God and others. His greatest gift is the Grace by which He saves us from our sin.

By the way, the phone call came about two weeks before my brother was murdered. God’s timing is always perfect.

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PRAYER FOR AMERICA – by Robert Preyss, Canada Free Press

I am a subscriber to Canada Free Press and was moved by the following prayer they printed. I hope you will be also and that you will pray daily for America

Dear Lord God –

We, Your people, who acknowledge Your name seek Your face, and ask forgiveness.

We, Your people, acknowledge we have sinned against You in thought, word, and deed.

We acknowledge Your Judgment upon our country. You have pulled back because we have removed You from our schools, and court rooms, and public forums. You have allowed godless leaders to assume positions of leadership in all institutions. God deliver us now. We have insulted you, by replacing Your holy person with the subtle false gods of fairness and secular humanism. We are being told that we are a post-Christian country, which means we are a post-American country. God forbid, and forgive us now.

We are a country that does not know its left hand from its right hand. We are losing our national identity and sanity. Our change has been so gradual we cannot see all our sins and errors that we might confess and be washed clean.  As a nation, we claim Your promise of a Sound Mind. Have mercy on us.                                                                                                                                         We have leaders who plan to legalize certain mind altering drugs. God forbid them. They will be spreading pandemonium.  They do not know the Scriptures regarding “sorcery” and “pharmakos.” They know not what they do.

We do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but demonic powers and principalities and wickedness in high places. Lord open now the eyes of every man and woman who is destined to be written into the Book of Life, that they who are now blind, will truly see. Save our President and all ministers and officials who have the rule over us. But deliver us from dishonest leaders and judges You consider to be unregenerate, whose conscience is already seared with a hot iron, who bring curses upon us because of their own seducing spirits. Lord have mercy on us.

Lord we are a great nation which rose through Your guidance. We now stand to fall without your deliverance and mercy. Even as we pray today we do not see all the wickedness in ourselves. But you know what we need before we ask.  Have mercy on us.

Lord there is so great a crisis ahead, which seems likely to be passed on to our children’s children, and to a world which has respected and feared us because You were our God. Do not let us become a “story and a byword” to the nations. Repent of your Judgment for the sake of these unborn and their innocence, and for the blood of your saints which they will carry. Return and be our God again.

Lord, we acknowledge our need for Restoration and Revival, for the Freedom You only endow. We ask you to preserve perfect our inspired Constitution, which men pointing to the absence of “controlling legal authority” would change and sunder.

Bless us again Lord because we have always taken the Great Commission to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Bless us again because we are grafted into Abraham’s family, and because we have always honored Israel in our hearts.

Give us a new birth of freedom, a new National Vision based on Your Word, a new Revelation of our blessed founders, our national heroes, our men and women of character,  who lived according to Your word, and were accountable to You in whatever appointed position.

Let true meaning in communication return. Let no one remove the ancient landmarks. Let there be “artists of the beautiful” again.

Lord save our schools, and repent of your promise in Hosea 4:6—that “if we forget Your law, You will forget our children.”  We perish because of lack of this knowledge. Restore our education system and let America see You have done this, that it might be to Your glory.

Lord, we acknowledge that “If You do not build the House, we labor in vain to build it.”

We The People, who are Your people, who are called by Your name, which is Jehovah Jireh, God our Provider, and Jehovah Rapha, God our Healer, and God our Father, ask you to have mercy upon America. Revive us and save us now.


To read the original in Canada Free Press, go here.

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I’ve heard a lot of arguments in favor of abortion. And I’m sympathetic to the plight of any woman who faces this issue.  Some are victims of rape or incest or forced to choose between a threat to their own life and the chance for their child to live. There are others who feel their lives will be destroyed by an unplanned baby. I’ve even heard the argument the baby is better off not living with people who don’t want him, better to end him now.

I don’t know which of these arguments my grandmother used when she tried to abort my mother. Obviously, she failed. And many people would insist my mother’s life wasn’t one worth living.  She suffered every form of abuse, only escaping incest by running away. Unfortunately, she ran into the arms of another abuser. I can hear you now, “See, she suffered needlessly. Better she had never lived.” At times, she probably agreed with you.

But, I am here to offer arguments for life. I can think of over thirty off the top of my head: my brothers, myself, our children and grandchildren, none of whom would be without my mother. This doesn’t begin to count the people my mother touched with her love for Christ and the people around her. Multiply that with the number of people her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren meet. The death of one tiny baby would have meant the end of all of us before we ever began.

And then there’s my father, a truly gentle man. During WWII he had a crisis of faith. While stationed in Sicily, he and a few others had an afternoon of bicycle riding. A minor accident with far-reaching impact occurred when one of the other cyclists knocked Dad off of his bike, injuring his knee.

When on missions, Dad rode in the belly turret as a gunner. At 5’10” he was at the maximum height for his position and the knee injury prevented him from fitting into the turret. He received authorization to leave base to see the doctor at the hospital. When he returned, his crew was gone. They’d flown off on a mission, never to return. The plane crashed into the mountains killing all on board. He couldn’t understand why he’d been saved. He asked the chaplain, “Why did God let me live?” The wise man told him, “God still has a purpose for your life.”

Then one day he met my mother, a young widow with two sons. And he knew. She and her children were the reasons he was spared. They needed a gentle man in their lives to show them the love of Christ. It took fifty years, but she finally accepted he’d never hit her and he truly loved her. With his help, she raised her children in the surety of her love, the love her mother refused her. And she helped him understand God’s plans are perfect.

None of us know the impact we will have on others, but we each deserve the chance to find out. If you find yourself in a position of deciding life or death for an unborn baby, educate yourself. Make sure your decision is fully informed. And then ask yourself, “Which will I regret more, giving life to a child I didn’t plan or denying that child a chance to touch my life?” You can frequently meet a child given up for adoption; you can never restore life to a child aborted.

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I’m always trying to find sources to help me understand the things going on in our modern society. The blog Gates of Venice included a three-part article by the Chairman of the British Freedom Party, Paul Weston. As you read the article, compare what he has written to what you see happening around you here in the United States. I found the similarities enlightening and disturbing.

Here are the links to the three parts: Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

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